For many people, Christmas is really hard. This is why we choose to thank our customers by donating, on their behalf, the money we would have spent on cards and gifts to support a charity that helps people truly in need of support.

Last Christmas, we donated to Catapult Employment Services who help people with disabilities and health conditions to find paid and ongoing employment. In the last 12 years, they have helped over 1200 people find employment, and were recognised at the 2016 Champion Canterbury Awards for their admirable work.

As finalist of the Champion Professional Service category of the same awards, our team was so inspired by this charity that we knew straight away where our 2016 annual charitable donation would go to.

This week we were very surprised to see that their CEO, Ali Brown, thanked us online in her latest blog:


CreateIP, a company which provide “intelligent and dependable advice on all matters related to IP”, recently chose Catapult Employment Services to be the recipient of one of their annual donations to charity. Catapult was chosen as the result of our success in the Champion Canterbury Business Awards where we won the Champion Canterbury Business award for the Charity Small Enterprise section. Catapult are delighted with the support from CreateIP and are putting the donation towards the fund we use to assist people with some practical things they require to find paid employment. This could be a Site Safe Certificate, a drivers licence, short-term training such as the certificate of approval for security work, or a bus pass and phone card. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a huge difference. Thanks CreateIP!