Enforcing your rights is sometimes necessary. Usually an exchange of letters can resolve matters, but sometimes a more rigorous approach is required. When you need us to, we will show our teeth.   Our team has the qualifications and skills to guide you through what can be an upsetting process.  We will work with you to resolve the issue, whether by negotiation or through the courts.

We are experienced in dispute resolution and have appeared in proceedings before the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand, District and High Courts, New Zealand Domain Name Commissioner and WIPO.

We also work closely with IP litigation experts.  We recognise that ‘one size doesn’t necessarily fit all’ and, unlike larger IP firms, we can pick and choose the right experts for your situation.

 Sometimes the boot is on the other foot and we can also advise you if any of your activities infringe a third party’s IP rights, providing preliminary advice on the validity of their rights, and a way around or to solve the issue.