Generally speaking, patents protect inventions and technology.

How Do I Get A Patent?

When a company first applies for a patent they will often find that it is a complicated process that can present a minefield of traps for the unwary. There are a variety of routes to establishing patentability and achieving a granted patent and we will guide you along the appropriate pathway.

The common process to obtaining a granted permit is to ensure your invention meets three main criteria: novelty, inventive step, and utility. A pre-application patent search will usually determine if these criteria have been met:

  • Novelty asks if your product has been published, used, or sold previously;
  • Inventive Step is a subjective test that asks if the product is obvious to a person skilled in the art; and
  • Utility is simply being able to show that the product has an industrial use.

Assuming the product or method meets these criteria, a typical patent filing process is as follows:

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Drafting And Filing A Patent Specification

Assuming your business strategy calls for patent protection then, after meeting with your inventors and identifying all inventive aspects of the technology, our patent specialists will draft and file patent(s) on your behalf.

We will work with you to decide the breadth of the patent and to target from the outset the best commercial protection from the patent claims.  We will also ensure that you have sufficient documentation to support the patent specifications and obtain any deeds of assignment to establish clear title and ownership to the patent and invention.