A new domain suffix, .kiwi.nz, has launched and we’re recommending that our New Zealand clients seriously consider reserving brand names on it.  While it is too early to predict how big the take-up of these addresses will be, it’s an inexpensive insurance policy to reserve your brand now and avoid the risk of a competitor getting there first.

We have in past newsletters cautioned our readers about domain name scams coming from registrars or “cybersquatters” overseas, which typically feature obscure suffixes such as .cc, .cn or .hk.  The new .kiwi.nz domain is different – this is in our own backyard and there is a much higher likelihood of a significant take-up on these new URLs in New Zealand.

Internet New Zealand Inc., the non-profit organisation to protect and promote the Internet and fostering a coordinated, cooperative approach in New Zealand,announced approval of the domain on 24 August.

Registrars must receive at least 500 requests within one month for the new suffix to proceed beyond the initial trial phase.  Anyone interested in securing a .kiwi.nz URL should contact their usual registrar now, or get in touch with us for help.  Once live, it can be easily redirected to any page in your existing .co.nz or .com website.