AI and Patents, are we ready?

It didn’t seem that long ago that people were talking about Artificial intelligence or AI, as something futuristic, or another generation away. Not anymore. AI is rapidly infiltrating many aspects of our lives with automated assistants, smart devices, driverless cars, toys, and more.
While there are seemingly limitless benefits of AI, there is high-level concern about AI’s impact on people and jobs. Research group Gartner predicted that by as early as next year more than 3 million workers globally will be supervised by a “robo-boss.” There is no denial that this technology is creating such unprecedented disruption that governments, companies and […]

December 12th, 2017|

IP takeaways from BIO 2017

The world of unknowns and patent best practice
Shayne and I recently attended the hugely popular BIO 2017 convention in San Diego, where over 16,000 attendees associated with the life sciences industry share their ideas and innovations.

Besides the social side of the conference (which included entering a 5k charity fun run dressed as a kiwi!), BIO was a great chance for us to re-connect with all the overseas IP professionals we work with, and to make new contacts.

One of the nice things about being a patent attorney is that we all speak a similar global ‘IP language’ albeit with country specific […]

July 5th, 2017|