Comvita New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s hero exporting companies whose ambition is ‘natural performance’ and this goes well beyond just a cursory statement. They are the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of Manuka honey, listed on the New Zealand stock exchange, and growing in value significantly.

In October 2009, Dr Ralf Schlothauer, the Chief Technical Officer at Comvita and several research colleagues had a scientific paper published in the prestigious scientific journal, Food Chemistry.  This article is a rarity in the honey industry in that it was published in a major peer reviewed journal and represented leading new science.  The research is supported by plenty of background research and patents related to the technology.

While honey has been known and used in a variety of ways for thousands of years, the complexity of this golden nectar is such that we are only now beginning to unlock some of its secrets and activity.  By incorporating research throughout New Zealand with their own, Comvita are discovering some amazing science and publishing valuable knowledge in respected forums for all to learn about.

Comvita remains at the forefront of this technology and is working with CreateIP to protect their findings through IP.