CreateIP and Hubco Automotive partner together to achieve the best possible IP protection and strategy for roof racks and accessories. Who is Hubco? You have probably seen their handiwork on top of car roofs in the form of roof racks and accessories bearing the trademark Prorack™ or Whispbar™. Hubco have made a lot of noise in the roof rack industry by being quiet – they produce some of the world’s quietest roof racks and accessories and are taking the notice of the world’s biggest players such as Thule™.

How has a New Zealand company taken on the world in a market owned previously by only two to three companies? Besides the usual magic of having top people and expertise as well as good old kiwi perseverance, Hubco have a team of top technical expertise and along with that, have developed products that technically outperform their competition.

As you might expect, IP and protecting their IP is an important part of the mix.

The Hubco approach has been focused IP protection. Initially only in local markets for early technologies such as in NZ and Australia only representing cheaper countries to protect IP. Now, as the company gets bigger and the technology develops, core pieces of new technology are being protected in a number of countries, again not losing track of the fact that the IP needs to be a tool or lever and not a pure cost centre.

Automechanika in Germany in September 2010 will see the launch of more innovation from Hubco on the world stage, incidentally just across the corridor from the world’s largest roof rack producer, Thule™. Watch this space.