Welcome to the second edition of CreateIP News.

In the first issue we introduced to you our Christchurch office. Since then we have been joined by our lovely PA Chelsea Lucking, and we are now advertising for another Patent Attorney.

We’re looking for someone with a science or engineering background to help balance the workload and continue building great relationships with our clients. If you know someone who may be interested please introduce us!

To keep pace with growth we’ve needed to expand the office and have taken on a second floor at our Bealey Avenue premises. For those of you in Christchurch (or if you might be visiting), keep an eye out for an invitation to our office warming event on Tuesday 23 November – orRSVP directly now.

Luckily our office survived September’s earthquake without any major damage.  Unfortunately the same could not be said for some of our favourite lunch spots. Thanks to everyone who enquired as to our well-being after the big shake.  We’re pleased to report all family and friends are fine.

Last but not least we created a Facebook page to quickly share any interesting and relevant IP news and links.  Please press the ‘like’ button if you would like to receive these.

As always, we hope you enjoy keeping up with our news and we encourage your feedback. Feel free to pass this to others who might find it of interest, and visit Facebook page for regular IP news updates.

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