In July we proudly celebrated CreateIP’s third anniversary. Three years is a significant milestone in the life of any small business, and we offer a huge “thank you” to our loyal clients who have helped get us here and whose continued support and referrals are making our future look bright!

The team at CreateIP has been hard at work studying for exams – likely the most difficult ones they will ever face. Shayne finished his last patent drafting exam with some tutoring from John McCormick of Griffith Hack, one of our partners in Melbourne. Amanda completed her trade mark exam and thanks to Elspeth Buchanan of PL Berry Christchurch who was instrumental in preparing her for that. Now we bite our nails and wait until the results are released in November!

CreateIP has also enjoyed some more publicity lately with an appearance on the PlainsFM morning radio programme “Your Canterbury Connection” and a follow-up piece to our January 2011 profile in NZ Business magazine.

In this issue of CreateIP News we update you on:

  • Client survey results
  • Opposing patents via ‘observations’
  • Funding for Freedom to Operate checks
  • Tobacco packaging debate
  • Client News: Solar Bright
  • CreateIP growth planning
  • University of Canterbury lectures.

Enjoy! Till next time, take care and stay warm,

Robert Snoep

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